05 July 2012

Things keep on changing, don't they?

Well, what we thought was a permanent move to Minnesota by our kids from Texas turned out to be a short visit. As Josh explored the job market and cost of apartments he came to the conclusion that the cost of living is actually higher here, in our little backwoods community, than it is in the Ft. Worth area! There are a lot of complicated issues behind the scenes, but the end result was that they decided to call this a vacation and turn their van southward once again.

This mom was disappointed, but I really feel that they will be happier in Texas. They are still unsure about whether Jess's parents and siblings will be moving, so they will stay with them while Josh finds a job and they can get an apartment there. I think they are really attached to the community there and that's where they feel at home. So, once again, we let them go. We didn't really have any control over that anyway. They're grown up and have to figure things out for themselves.

We sure loved seeing them and they promise to visit again before a year is up. Here are some photos from our visit.

The first meeting of the cousins who have only seen each others' photos on Facebook!

Audrey and Nathan playing with her little house filled with balls. His favorite toy!

Starry borrows Audrey's jumperoo...

Grandpa's loving it!

Nathan meets Dachessa...

...and Jesse.

And drives Grandpa's tractors...

With Mommy Jess...

and Daddy Josh.

Well, sometimes these big decisions about moving are trickier than we think. Our love follows them wherever they may live, and I'm very happy for Josh's brother, Jordan, who will be glad to have him around. Also, I can't imagine how Jess's family felt when they left; not knowing when they would see them again. These babies have lived with them most of their lives and to see them move away must have been heartwrenching. I know they're rejoicing at the news of their return. I'm praying that these young folks can make some wise decisions and get their family settled in a place of their own soon!

It looks like our lives will settle back into their regular rhythms, until the next change comes about. :)

Praying for safe travels for our loved ones. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with them!


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  1. Oh, you have a very good attitude, Lisa. Plans DO change quickly, I know. I bet they can anticipate something GREAT because our God is like that.