20 January 2012

Another fun project!

I've been browsing through boxes of my children's homeschool papers from many years ago. I'm especially enjoying their essays and drawings. I keep reading excerpts to my hubby and we're laughing so hard our sides ache! Our boys were (and are) so nutty. They really have brought a lot of sunshine into our lives with their humor. I haven't gotten to much of my daughter Micah's work yet. She was quite a few years behind the guys, but I'll eventually look through everything.

The project I mentioned is my plan to make a scrapbook for each of the kids containing some of their essays, artwork and photos of them. It will sort of be a beginning of their own family history and they can add to it. I think a section will contain old photos of relatives and since both of my boys have written some good stuff recently, I'll also include that. I'm hoping to have these ready for Christmas gifts next year, or, if I'm really organized, I may have them ready for birthdays before that. I know it will be a big project, but I'm feeling the need to get some of these memories organized so that the kids have some tangible family history to keep. Blogs and digital photos are great, but I'd like to have something in an album for each of them since technology becomes obsolete so quickly. Maybe I'll add some photos to this post later, but tonight I have to get to bed so I can get up early for work tomorrow.


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  1. What a great idea! I should dig out some of our kids stuff. I might really appreciate it now that I am so burned out on middle school assignments!