06 January 2012

The Writing Bug revisited...

I did something unusual just now. I actually scrolled way down on my right-hand column and re-read some of my old posts!! It was fun! Kind of like crawling into a time machine and revisiting the past. I guess that's why we blog/journal. I've just been too busy going forward to go back and re-enjoy some old experiences.

One of my first blog posts here on Backwoods Crazy Quilt was called "The Writing Bug" and I find that I still agree with the sentiments I expressed there. Another post about living communally and one about practicing my fiddle and tinwhistle reawoke some old interests. I think I'll do more of this past visitation.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to anyone drifting by! By looking back we can sometimes get insight into where we want to head in the future. :D


  1. Hi Lisa! I like to do that, too!
    Do you have more spare time now? Are you all settled in to your new house?

  2. We're pretty much settled in. I don't have schoolwork until next fall (if I get into the nursing program), but I'm working full-time and we're babysitting every evening, so I still have to work at finding time to blog and draw. That's life! If it wasn't for real life I guess we wouldn't have much to blog and draw about! :D