17 January 2012

Some knick-knacks unearthed...

While unpacking some boxes I found my long lost collection of salt and pepper shakers!

I love this little sugar and creamer...made in Japan! They have a way with painting ceramics!
I also brought out my collection of old piano lesson books. I even played a couple of easy ones. Fun to dabble at, but I don't think I have a future as a pianist. :D On top of the piano you'll see a copy of Fuzzy Dan (right behind the John Deere mug). I got that for my hubby from Paperbackswap after he mentioned that it was the only book he ever read as a child! LOL! That's daughter Micah on the horse and pics of grandson Nathan. The Welcome to our Farm sign is a Christmas gift from step-daughter Missy from Fargo. The group shot is the gymnastics team for which Micah is assistant coach. Oh, and that's Bob's dad posing in front of the schoolbus on the left. I love to have lots of family mementos on top of the piano.
I may have TOO many knick-knacks. I can always cull them later, but for now they bring a little extra homey-ness to the place!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it great fun to find stuff? I like your shakers!
    I put a goodie in the mail for you.