24 January 2012

Kiddos' artwork and essays...

We had some insurance and income tax documents to mail to Jordan so I'm including some of the homeschool drawings he and Josh did in 1995 when they were 11 and 13 years of age. I think they'll enjoy them.

Meanwhile, I came across some cute essays which I photographed. We'll see how legible they are.
We spent a lot of time on Ancient History and used the Greenleaf Guides. Apparently, I asked the boys to write an essay on whether they would like to be a pharoah and this was Josh's (age 10) response, flaws and all! :)
And here is Josh's essay on Thutmose the III:

A photo of the kids about the time these essays were written. Actually, that's Micah (my daughter) in the middle. Jordan on the left and Josh on the right.
Here are some of Jordan's Egypt essays. He writes in a more serious vein, though he's every bit as humorous as Josh otherwise!

One of many of Jordan's pages of drawings done in 1995 at age 13. We were using a book called The Big Yellow Drawing Book.

Some of Josh's drawings from the same time period:

Anyway, I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane and thought Grandpa and Grandma might like seeing these. I have stacks of essays and drawings from all of those schoolyears. I won't attempt to post them all here, though I can't promise I won't put one up occasionally! :D
Josh, Micah and Jordan at the Headwaters of the Mississippi, which is about 20 miles from our home. About 1994.


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