25 January 2012

This discovery made my jaw drop!

Here I am, still browsing through homeschool papers. As I came upon my daughter Micah's work I found one of my teacher journals where I kept track of what we did each day. I found a little bit of history that I didn't expect (please excuse my messy handwriting):

The entry from the day before was a little less world shaking, but marked a big moment in Micah's life. Her first day of taekwondo lessons! She went on to dominate in the sport, so this was a big day! (I'll have to show her later!)

Micah recently.
On a humorous note, here's another of Josh's papers from 7th grade. Sloppy though it is, I thought it showed some ingenuity. The assignment must have been a book report on Covert Bailey's book "Fit or Fat". I actually gave him a 90% on this:

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